Voted UK’s Scariest Attraction 11 years in a row, features a desert palour, an escape room, a tombs experience plus more. Can you guess who the title of UK’s Scariest Attraction goes to?

It is non other that the UK’s scariest Attraction. That’s right, say hello the The London Bridge Experience, Winner of the best year round scare attraction in the UK for the past 11 years.

What we love about this attraction is that there is so much to do all under one roof and it even has a dessert parlour. Let’s start off with the Escape Room.

You will be given one hour to decipher the puzzles, unravel the mystery and escape. This experience is amazing no matter how old your are or what your hobbies are. This game is intense and action packed. You will feel like heroes in a blockbuster movie by the end of the game.

Moving on to The Tombs “Bowels of Hell” which is situated beneath London Bridge is UK’s best scare maze. There are a wide range of creepy and unique characters from zombies to doctors and clowns. There are special effects and immersive sets.

They have offered London Experience Card holders 26% off their Screems and Creams experience which gives you entry ticket into The London Bridge Experience along with one dessert of your choice from the Creams main menu.

Take advantage off this great offer and pay a visit to the UK’s scariest attraction.

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