London TV and Movie Locations Tour

Temple Station , Victoria Embankment , London , WC2R 2PH

London TV and Movie Locations Tour

25% off London TV and Movie Locations Tour


  • Temple Station
    Victoria Embankment
    WC2R 2PH

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What You'll Get

London is without doubt one of the most popular and iconic filming locations in the world. For decades it has been used by movie makers from all over the world to represent both the British capital and also to stand in for numerous other locations from across the globe. This offer gives you 25% off this 3 hour London Movie Locations Tour where you will be taken to the most popular and recognisable filming locations in central London that have featured iconic screen heroes and heroines in TV shows and movies from across the years bringing them to life

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The Fine Print

This offer only applies if you hold a valid London Experience Card. Owing to the nature of the locations visited, this tour is not accessible for wheelchair users or for parents with prams or buggies. All people under 18 (i.e. 17 years old and younger) must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over. Times and dates of tours are subject to change.

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