A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our Health
Care Heroes


You all are doing such an amazing job and we would like to shine a light on each and everyone of you. We recently ran a campaign aimed at NHS heroes but quickly realised from a number of responses that we need to do more. 

One message came in from a police custody nurse who said they felt completely forgotten about. They mentioned the lack of ppe along with a member of staff fighting for their life after catching Covid-19 from a detainee.  

A lot of the replies really hit home so we decided to create a tailored offer called “set price for life” which includes anyone working in Health and Social Care.

If you work in healthcare  you will be entitled to 87% off a yearly membership which is a saving of £26. Your “set price for life” will auto renew at the discounted rate of £3.99 unless you decide to cancel. 

If you would like to claim “set price for life” please click below and include your work email address for verification. If you do not have a work email address please just drop us a line and we will give you another verification option.